Sparrow iPhone Reviews

"I don't hesitate to call Sparrow one of the most ambitious and bold third-party iOS apps I've ever seen."

"Sparrow for iPhone is a brilliant and beautiful way to handle the nightmare that is email. It does the impossible: one-ups Sparrow for Mac."

"Sparrow is the best attempt yet at a Mail replacement."

"I have been using Sparrow as my new email client on the iPhone for the past months, and I haven’t looked back to Apple’s Mail."

"The first thing you notice about Sparrow is the user interface, which is clean, efficient and intuitive."

"Sparrow for iPhone is a gem of an app. Every nook and cranny of this thing has been gone over with a fine-tooth comb and the animations are incredibly fantastic. The build quality here is absolutely off the charts."

"Sparrow for iPhone is everything you could possibly want in iOS E-Mail."

"Sparrow for iPhone is a great first effort."

"Sparrow for iPhone Is a Killer Email App."

"Sparrow is a Worthy Replacement for the iPhone's Mail App."

"Gmail Users Rejoice: Sparrow Releases App for iPhone."

"Sparrow has a lot to improve on, but even in its initial state, it already supplants the built-in Mail app. The king is dead; long live the king!."

"Sparrow for iPhone is the best mail app for iPhone. Hands down."

"Sparrow for iOS is fantastic. Really well done."